Sunday, February 15, 2009

rama krishna mission tuberclousis sanatorium

About Us

The Ramakrishna Mission TB Sanatorium caters to the medical needs of patients with Tuberculosis. It also provides primary relief and medicines to persons with other diseases, free of cost.

It also engages in alleviating the sufferings of the area population (mainly local and illiterate tribals such as the Mundas and Oraons) who live in extreme poverty and are afflicted by severe malnutrition, malaria, worm infestation, and infection that contribute to the spread of TB.

These services to the locality comprise from the material, to the intellectual, to the spiritual without inducing adherence to any particular ideology or dogma, but by promoting a peaceful lifestyle with mutual understanding.

The Sanatorium had its pioneer beginning in 1948, when the treatment of TB required exclusive hospitalisation to ensure a cure. With the passage of time new medicines and methods of treatment were discovered. Gradually, and in proportion to the availability of funds and qualified personnel, the Institution has grown to extend its services to the villages, keeping the hospital infrastructure for cases that required special care.

At an altitude of 2,100 feet the wooded area around the Sanatorium is well known for its healthy climate. It is situated in the village of Dungri (District Ranchi) in a picturesque part of Chhotanagpur, within the newly formed state of Jharkhand in India.

To see the geographical location of the State of Jharkhand in India Click here.

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